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Growth Method

Ministry Intelligence to help you
effectively engage and assimilate visitors, members, ministry, and spiritual discipleship.

  • Daily Ministry Task Lists
  • Live Assimilation Tracks
  • Custom Shareable Reports
  • Multi-Campus and Department Management
  • Bi-Directional ChMS Syncing


Go Method

Automate the management of your mission trips, vacation bible schools, ministries, and events with custom workflows.

  • Custom Applications, Requirements & Checklists
  • Social Fundraising & Compliant Financial Tracking
  • Trip meetings, Attendance & Team Messaging
  • Group Travel Quotes & Trip Insurance
  • Bi-directional ChMS Syncing

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Join churches and non-profits to improve member assimilation, scale growth, measure impact and automate administrative tasks.

Seamless Data Integration

Connect Focus to your ChMS, donation platform, and other integration partners for seamless data mapping

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