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It’s Impossible To Grow If Your
System Has Information Gaps


Struggling to move first time visitors to committed church members.


A pain to gather guest info from online forms, connection cards, and children’s check-in info


People fall through the cracks because they aren’t being followed up with.


It’s impossible to identify changes in membership


Capture data from all sources

Web Forms

Digital forms that automatically sync data.

Connection Cards

Scan handwritten cards in seconds.

Data Importing

Import data from spreadsheets, PDFs, and more.


Seamlessly connect your data with Growth

ChMS Integration

Integrate automatically with your ChMS

Data Mapping

Seamlessly match data from any source

Data Hygiene

Keep data clean and duplicate free


Custom engagement tracks for members, volunteers, and more

Condition data Rules

Decision automation with “If this then that ” rules.

Assimilation Paths

Custom engagement tracks for all levels of human engagement.

Proven Templates

Leverage pre-made templates or create your own.

We Fit Right Into Your Current Systems

Connect Growth  to your favorite ChMS

We keep our pricing simple

  • Your first 25 cards are free!
  • No credit card required during signup.
  • Fully transparent billing; always know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Cancel anytime, no questions asked

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Growth cost?

Growth is based on credits and is on a discounted scale based on how many credits you purchase at one time. Those credits will be applied to scan cards, upload CSV Files, text, and email congregants.

How many cards can Growth process?

Unlimited! We do not have a max number of cards that you are able to process.

How does Growth read my handwritten card?

Our product utilizes OCR Optical Character Recognition, which is a technology that converts scanned images of text into electronic text.

What are fields?

Refers to the data areas you match to your ChMS. To be more technical, it is the column header for your database/CSV files.

How does Growth deal with duplicates?

Our product name, address, email, phone, household, and other such communication values to determine to a high level of certainty that it is either a match or not a match.

How do I connect the fields to my ChMS?

In the form creation or handwritten card template, you will connect the fields to the corresponding ChMS value.

How accurate is Growth Method?

Our tool is 99.5% accurate, using AI/Machine Learning our system will get more accurate the more it is used.

What are conditional workflows?

Conditionals are like IFTTT (if this then that). Our product allows you to create custom workflows from the field values of your CSV or written responses. These workflows can correspond to existing ones in your ChMS that you have already established.

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