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Focus Missions makes it easier for everyone

Let’s face it, mission trips have a lot of moving parts. We take the legwork and guesswork out of it, which makes everybody’s life easier:

Rebecca is leading a trip to Venezuela

As trip applications come in, she can easily review and approve them before they get backed up.

With full visibility into her trip’s health, she can stay on top of funding, education, and requirements progress and get notified if someone falls behind.

Elena is going on a trip with her son

Parents/guardians can easily see funding deadlines, complete paperwork, set up scheduled payments, and collect donations from friends and family on their personal fundraising page.

Fulfilling trip requirements is a cinch! From within the application, she can upload passport photos, e-sign documents, and supply references for both herself and her son.

David is the Missions Pastor at a church

He gets full insight into all his church’s trips, including the funding process, applications, and communications.

All donations are set up to sync with his ChMS (CCB, Fellowship One, Ministry Platform, and soon Planning Center Online), so he can easily generate donation statements and track giving paperless.

Miss Kathy is the Church Administrator

We help her get a win for every team! IT, Finance, and Missions are finally all on the same page.

IT is happy that Focus Missions communicates with their ChMS

Finance is happy Focus Missions automatically updates their database, creates new contacts as needed, and assigns contribution credit.

The Missions Team are happy because they have the best mission trip management tool.

Billy runs a local/global missions agency

With the power of SubAccounts, other organizations can manage their trip processes individually. From donations to paperwork, Billy can push all his “must haves” down to the organizations joining them on their next ministry opportunity.

Focus Missions has no limit to how many trips he can host. He has been able to grow his ministry by standardizing their process, and using the clone tool has made trip creation exponentially easier.

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Get your boss on board

Even though you see all the benefits of Focus Missions, you might not be the final decision maker. We get that, which is why we put together this handy PDF to help get the rest of your organization on #teamfocus.

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Third-party integrations are first-class citizens

Church Management Systems

We integrate directly with all major church management systems, so your data stays perfectly in sync.

Donations, attributes, profile information, and more will automatically tie into your ChMS so you never have to worry about it.

Payment Processors

Setting up accounts with a new payment processors is no small feat, so we made it easy by integrating with the ones you’re already using.

Oh stop it, you're making us blush

Bayside Church

Bradenton, FL
Our goal was to grow our missions program, and the only way we could do that properly was finding a software that was capable of meeting and automating our process. Focus Missions allowed us to standardize our process and grow our ministry. We could not do what we are doing without Focus.
Marsha Champion
Missions Coordinator

All Peoples Church

San Diego, CA
I LOVE Focus! They have cut down the workload for our Financial Department and our Missions Department. It has made planning trips way more efficient and simpler. I also love that Focus works hard to become better every year and creates new features that make everything more efficient for us.
Shannon Klingenhofer
Missions Admin